Leader in the industry

Our Mission

We are an innovative and active group, connected to a strong know-how with a futuristic vision: that’s why our business project is so ground-breaking.

Our mission is important and ambitious

Every environment must be illuminated by an efficient and environmentally friendly technology. Every environment must be illuminated by LED technology system. To achieve it, we designed and developed the project ''LEDGENERATION - OPERATION ZERO COST”

Our project is dedicated to medium-sized and large companies, both public or private, in order to benefit from the unique economic paybacks, from the high visual and technological performing of LED illumination.
Our system involves the change of all the traditional illumination’s appliances with new LED technology: energy saving and economic saving are immediate, as we offer to our customers a continuous maintenance and technical assistance service, for the entire duration of the contract.

Company branches



  • dedicated to medium-sized and large companies.
  • Commercial support from our qualified staff.
  • site inspection with specialized technicians.
  • Financing services.



  • Big Organised Distribution.
  • Personalized providing and supplying large groups.
  • Customized production.
  • Marketing synergies.
  • Estimate and price quotation of energy consumption due to lighting.
  • Lighting design.
  • Financing possibilities with operating rental.



  • Local agencies sales network.
  • Supplying small and medium-sized companies.
  • Supplying for specialized installers.
  • B2B.
  • e-commerce platform.



  • Project Finance.
  • Supplying Public bodies.
  • Design and creation of lighting systems.
  • Financing services.
  • Maintenance services.